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About Us

TheatreXP was founded with one mandate: to provide the opportunity for those in the theater community to spread their wings, to push the boundaries of what they thought themselves capable of doing and to try new -- and sometimes radically new -- approaches to the staging of story. 

There are no limits as to how this can be done...a new approach to lighting, a redesign of the traditional stage/audience architecture, site specific performance, set design, language and delivery, subject matter and story...all are open to re-interpretation, experimentation, extraordinary approach.

Theatrexp was founded in early 2010 in Key West, Florida by actor/writer/director Bob Bowersox. In the rich theatrical environment that is Key West, with two established professional theaters already producing full seasons of a more mainstream variety of theater, Bob felt there was an opportunity for a theatrical entity to produce a more, as he calls it, “extraordinary stage experience”. His vision for such productions runs the gamut from knife-edge drama to absurdist comedy to stage adaptations of stories which had their first incarnations in another medium, such as film. Additionally, Theatrexp is committed to producing original works which fulfill the mission directive of “extraordinary”.

"Theatrexp" is a registered 501c.3 non-profit corporation.

"Key West Summer Stage" is  registered Servicemark.